Easy changes to make to kick start your fitness journey

By Live Fit Gym
July 15, 2020

Most of my blogs are aimed at those who have either already started their fitness journey and have a healthy lifestyle or already have some basic knowledge of training and nutrition. This one is a bit different. This one is more aimed for people who are contemplating whether they need to make a change to their lifestyle and start their fitness journey. I am going to give some simple tips to help make big improvements in health and body composition. Most people who are into fitness already might think that these are quite obvious but for those just starting, these tips will give you the most bang for your buck.

If you consume a lot of processed fast foods then the first thing you should try to do to lose weight and improve health is to try to cut down your consumption. Foods like crisps, chocolate, burgers, pizza, etc. are very dense in calories, are very palatable and are very low in micronutrients. This makes it very easy to overconsume and this will inevitably lead to weight gain. Switching these foods for more natural, “real” foods like fruits, veggies and lean protein will likely lead to impressive weight loss in beginners. Of course, some of these foods are fine to consume in moderation but if you can start making healthier choices more often then you will likely have success.

The next tip is a seemingly obvious one and it is to implement some sort of exercise routine. Whether that means lifting weights 2 times a week and starting to go walking more during the day or doing exercise classes a few times a week, just being more active is going to be beneficial for health and body composition. The obesity epidemic is by no means simple and there are many reasons for it but one of them is that our bodies can not deal with the lack of energy expenditure from most humans. Unless you have an extremely active job then you will likely not be moving as much as your body would like. This is why implementing some sort of structured exercise routine is very important. Hiring a personal trainer is a great option so that you have a programme to follow and you will also have someone to hold yourself accountable to.

The final piece of advice I would give is to be prepared and buy the right foods. If you don’t have biscuits, cakes and crisps in your house then it’s going to make it pretty hard to snack on these foods. Of course you want to have some tasty treats just to keep your sanity but it is important to make sure you understand what foods are trigger foods and avoid those foods. If you decide to have a biscuit with your cup of tea and before you know it you’ve had the whole packet then biscuits will likely be one of your trigger foods and you should avoid them. If, however, you have a small bowl of ice cream and you feel satisfied then this may be a good option to have as a treat every now and then. It is important to understand your own trigger foods and do your shopping accordingly. Another part of this point is to be prepared. If you struggle with hunger then make sure you have healthy foods like fruit available to snack on. It is also worth cooking at least your veggies and meat in bulk and store it in the fridge. If you have to cook everything from scratch then sometimes it’s easier to just order in a takeaway but if you already have meat and veggies cooked and all you have to do is boil some potatoes to make your dinner then you will have an easier time sticking to your healthy eating plan.

So to summarise some of the points I’ve made in this blog, eat let processed junk food and eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein sources; implement some sort of exercise routine and make sure you have healthy foods available at all times to make sticking to your healthy diet a lot easier. If you do these simple things then you will almost certainly see an improvement in your health and body composition.

Speak to you guys again soon.


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