Joel Ainger


I started my fitness journey approx 10 years ago however I made most of my progress in the last 5 years gaining 4 stone of muscle going from just under 9 st to just under 14 st this was really due to gaining maximum knowledge and understanding healthy eating how calorie intake should be combined with the correct methods of training, I cut and bulk throughout the year there fore have experience in gaining muscle and losing weight depending on my desired goals. Individuals are all different and using my knowledge and understanding of your genetics and physical make up I can help you achieve your fitness goals.

07966 633 815 / ainger2000@aol.co.uk

Callum Longhurst


Hi! I'm Callum, a young and enthusiastic fully accredited strength coach and qualified personal trainer. From a young age I developed a large interest in strength and fitness which has seen me into the industry. I am a firm believer in exercise, especially strength training, as something people of all ages and abilities can participate in. With my motivation and effective guidance any goal is achievable, whether it is the thought of national championship level Powerlifting or being able to sit down with no pain, I can help.

07701 087 952 / callumlonghurstpt@gmail.com

Ben Herbert


I am extremely passionate about getting people results that will last them a lifetime. From a young age I developed a passion for nutrition, lifting and helping people get the results they truly want. I am a firm believer that, with quality habits that serve you a long term towards your goals, you will reach those goals. With my knowledge, the passion I have the coaching, whatever the goal is, I can help you reach those and go beyond!

07525 844615 / ben@bhpt.co.uk

Charlotte Chamberlain


I am a qualified Personal trainer & certified Boxing Fitness coach. I got into fitness around 6 years ago after having my daughter. Since then it has become my life. It has changed me as a person both physically & mentally & I’ve never looked back. I now love helping others with their fitness goals transforming bodies & minds through training & nutrition helping people to live healthy lifestyles.

07583 946 410 / charlotte@theuhp.co.uk

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"Great gym. Lovely friendly atmosphere. I've met some wonderful people here, it's a brilliant and supportive community."
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"My second home. Love it!"
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"I love it, I joined in October and haven't looked back. Friendly and helpful staff, tailored fitness plans. Lots of classes to choose from. 10/10"
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